How to play

1) Register here to get the full experience and find others to connect with.

2) Add to the story in any way you choose and share it online somewhere. If you are one of the first then you are probably starting a completely new story thread. But the object of the game is to interconnect your part of the story as much as possible. See 5.

3) Tag any contribution you post online with both ‘endlessstorygame’ and the title of any story threads that you have intersected or expanded on. This is so that anyone can easily find your bit no matter where it is.

4) Where possible, link back to this website and the parts of the story that your thread is connected to.

5) The more you integrate with existing ‘endlessstorygame’ tagged story threads the more central your story thread becomes.

6) Also, the more highly rated and shared your story is the more central your story thread becomes.